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The digital platform NFTense presents inspiring creators and their NFT art. Under curatorial supervision, we represent and guide visual artists on their journey to global NFT marketplaces. NFTs triggered a digital revolution and provide a vehicle for creating, sharing and collecting a whole range of digital assets from visual arts and gaming to music.

NFTense is focused exclusively on visual art. We want to live in a world where creators have fair options for selling their inspiring artwork to collectors, while still remaining accessible to everyone else. We provide creators with complex digital services for their successful participation in the NFT markets.


We believe that artists forming our digital collective share great potential and are well positioned to influence the regional landscape of visual art. NFTense raises the creative ambitions of digital artists, empower local art movements and international networking.

David Gaberle

David uses the camera as a tool to analyse the relationship between emotions and the physical world around us. His artwork revolves around the idea that in an urban setting, our lives are continually reduced to a flow of data and working patterns.

Daniel Červenka

Daniel is a producer, director, and product innovation consultant with a focus on social impact and sustainability. His artwork called “Human patterns” is a multimedia series exploring the patterns resulting from human intervention in the natural environment.

Artwork & NFT

Head of Bear
Day and Night
Day and Night (Eva)
Aura Augen

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Digital service

Creators are provided with a complex service from processing artwork to NFTs, implementation of the artist's portfolio on global NFT marketplaces, pricing and auction strategy or transfer of proceeds and royalties from crypto into fiat money.

Art Community

NFTense is forming a community-driven path. We want to raise the creative ambitions of digital artists, empower local art movements and international networking. Together, we will establish an eminent territory of invention, quality and inspiration.

Global audience

Within the NFTense art collective we influence, engage and build public relations with media, social networks to build eternal prestige and awareness. Collectors and art fans will be addressed directly with a curated selection of artworks.

Simplified finance

We will cover all the necessary processes and costs associated with creating and selling your NFT. By this we will relieve you from financial and administrative complexities so that you can fully concentrate on your creativity.

For more information on how does NFTense Art Collective work see our section "For Artists".