Jakub Janovský

Jakub is Czech artist, who graduated from the Drawing Studio of Jitka Svobodová at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in 2010. For Jakub, drawing is a universal medium that can be used freely. It can be developed in various, even unexpected or surprising ways, not only on standard paper formats and canvas (wall paintings, paintings, drawings intervention, situational drawing, video, videoinstallation, tattoos etc.). The choice of media is not accidental. It is related to inclination in the way of thinking and reasoning. It is the sense of "free" and also anarchy dealing with vehicles of expressions corresponding to the "independence" of attitudes that declares the work. The artwork most often has the character of sarcastic provocation, aggressive failure or cruel irony. It opens unpleasant subjects of human mortality, pride, narcissism, selfishness, naivety, ruthlessness or cruelty. The human is with his weakness and vulnerability shown in many forms and parables, as a personified quirk of fate through which he is dragged or against which (often to the expense of the others) tries to be defined by many different ways.


Head of Bear
Day and Night
Day and Night (Eva)
Aura Augen


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