David Gaberle

David completed a degree in Anthropology at University College London. He uses the camera as a tool to analyse the relationship between emotions and the physical world around us. To him, the camera is a magical box that helps him grasp what it means to be human in the 21st century.
As both an analytical and emotional exploration, in 2015, David set to travel for 8 months and visit the metropolitan areas of cities like New York, Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, London or Sydney. This work resulted in his debut book Metropolight which focuses on the relationship between human experience and modern architecture. The book sold to over 40 countries and picked the attention of major newspapers such as the El Pais or The Guardian.
After the publishing of his book, he was commissioned by the city Prague to take photos of the city’s streets and people within them. The results of his work were exhibited in the multimedia gallery of Center for Architecture and Urban Planning in the Czech capital.
Lately, the fundamental principle guiding David’s work is the focus on light, shapes and colour. Through the play of light and shadow, he continues to explore the properties of human perception and how photography can contribute to a spiritual development of individuals.
David is a brand ambassador for the Japanese company Fujifilm and has exhibited internationally. He teaches photography workshops across the world and is currently exploring the relationship between music and photography in order to develop a therapeutic arts’ program.


Out of Clock Time
Mind of Matter
Purple Rain
Night Life
New Ends
Cold Steel
Night shift
From Beyond


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