Marek Ehrenberger

Visual artist, illustrator and graphic designer. NFTense with Marek are creating a unique NFT collection that will launch in February 2022. The Divergents are a new generation of individualistic characters who utilize their unique skills for the Greater Good.

Jakub Janovský

For Jakub, drawing is a universal medium that can be used freely. The artwork declares a sense of freedom and anarchy, most often in the form of sarcastic provocation, aggressive failure or cruel irony. It opens unpleasant subjects of human mortality, pride, narcissism, selfishness, naivety or ruthlessness.

Saki Matsumoto

Saki is a Japanese artist who graduated from the Czech Academy of Arts Architecture and Design in Prague, where she lives. Her work is based on Japanese animism, folk tradition and mythology, which she transfers to the Central European space. She has been awarded many international prizes and in addition to her own work, she collaborates with Czech writers and the “Čierne diery” project.

Martina Pauková

Martina studied political science and graphic design. Her trademark vectors span topics like home, office, indoors, working life, technology and relationships. Amongst her clients are companies like Google, Apple, The Economist, or The New Yorker.

David Gaberle

David uses the camera as a tool to analyse the relationship between emotions and the physical world around us. His artwork revolves around the idea that in an urban setting, our lives are continually reduced to a flow of data and working patterns.

Daniel Červenka

Daniel is a producer, director, and product innovation consultant with a focus on social impact and sustainability. His artwork called “Human patterns” is a multimedia series exploring the patterns resulting from human intervention in the natural environment.


Ové Pictures are two artists, directors, and storytellers. Welcome to a colourful and slightly bizarre world of their creations! Ové Pictures design original stories and characters using different outputs in animation, films, music videos, design, and illustrations.

Tomáš Staněk

Tomáš is an illustrator and artist, graduate of illustration and comics programme at FDU LS in Pilsen. Editor of the comics zine XRXmag, one half of the creative tandem OBRAS AKROBAD, working with mural art and alternative graffiti.

Tereza Ščerbová

Tereza is a painter and illustrator who is recently engaged in experiments with new media. Her artworks tell stories of things, animals, plants and people that meet and influence each other.

Nina Sibinská

Nina is an illustrator and graphic designer. In her artwork she combines animation and flat images, which she provides with 3D space through AR applications. Her motifs are often inspired by urban periphery and geometric rhythmic formations from industrial architecture.


Martu is an illustrator who tends to lean towards digital drawing. In her artworks she processes her thoughts and materializes them into visual form in a subtly melancholic way. Her drawings feature human figures set in natural settings shrouded in a certain mystery.

NFT illustrator
Lucie Bax

Lucie is an illustrator, painter and copywriter. Her artwork records mostly strange people from her dreams. What others find strange, she finds reassuring. What scares others fills her. She doesn’t like perfection, precision or ordinariness.

Jakub Mikuláštík

Jakub is an illustrator focused on brand identities and magazines. His artworks depict contemporary Japan. Using contemporary artistic methods such as digital painting and NFT minting, this is his take on traditional Ukiyo-e paintings.

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