We are
Art Collective

The NFTense movement participates in the new creative economy. For us, the NFT phenomenon has the potential to completely transform how the world values visual art. Under curatorial supervision, we guide visual artists on their journey to global NFT marketplaces. We explore the technological aspect of NFTs and the interconnectivity between fine art and philanthropic aspiration. In collaboration with the artist Marek Ehrenberger, we created our pilot NFT project, The Divergents. This collection of 2022 unique hand-drawn NFTs aspires to bring artistic value to the NFT sphere, but more importantly, to work towards a philanthropic purpose and to initiate positive change from the bottom up.


We leverage long-term expertise in art and curation, blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies and digital marketing. We operate from Prague and Zürich.

Jana Kubátová

Jana graduated from Arts Management. Since 2008, she has been producing solo and collective exhibitions and multi-genre projects under the NGO Inter-Art. Her expertise is mainly in curatorship, conceptualization and copywriting. For the last 6 years, she has been a project manager and copywriter in a leading Prague creative & digital studio. She is currently formulating several NFT art projects and philanthropic endeavors. Jana loves the visual arts, spiritual books and her dog Maja.

Matej Zimák

Matej is a digital entrepreneur that explores web3 and NFTs (See personal portfolio) . To better understand web3 and the role of a community, he launched with NFTense a NFT collection called The Divergents embracing visual arts & philanthropy. He later joined a European web3 venture studio assessing NFT market more from a perspective of an investor and contributor. More recently he assumed an advisory role in multiple web3 projects in music, blockchain gaming or sustainable fashion.

Lukáš Bartoň

Lukáš graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Architecture. He is a graphic designer passionate about working on creative projects. In 2020, he launched the online project Obrazohled, which sells original art prints from both emerging and established Czech and Slovak contemporary artists under curatorial supervision. Lukáš is passionate about his art installation "Rozbřesk” (Sunrise), a personal celebration of plants, light, sounds and darkness.